Various Wind Resources

- Integration of Wind Turbines into the Orcas Island Electric Distribution System.

This jointly funded project, completed in July 1998, consisted of subcontracts to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The purpose of this project was to collect, process and analyze two years of hourly wind data from a suitable wind site on Orcas Island, WA; gather minute-to-minute wind data during high resolution periods of interest: analyze potential operational impacts of a MW-scale wind farm on an Orcas Power & Light Company electric power distribution circuit on Orcas Island; prepare and present a technical paper entitled, “Integrating Wind Turbines into the Orcas Island Distribution System: Study Results,” at the American Wind Energy Association Windpower ’98 Conference in Bakersfield, CA, (co-author: B. Parsons), in April 1998.

- General Electric's system for regulating "irregular" output from a wind turbine.

Likely to be an OPALCO concern when considering connecting a large wind turbine to our local utility "grid".

- A Wind Project development groups

- A few Used/Refurbished Turbine Brokers:

used turbines in europe
used in California / Vestas.
refurbished 225 Vestas.

- A Homebuilt 5Kw Turbine Plan:

further discussion on the Breezy turbine:

In case you want an alternative to a large scale collective project, this turbine has an amazing output for the dollars invested.
A half dozen folks could get together, purchase parts in bulk, then set up an ongoing workshop to mini mass produce several turbines?

Posted 5/18/06
andrew moore / orcas is.